Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Monki Do blog post,,, I'm a bit scared!!

As our first blog post, I'm not overly sure as to what you would like to read, so I'll start off with a short round up of the staff here and our history, and then a snippet of life at Monki Do. Okay, here goes. For all of you that don't know us, we are a custom tattoo studio, based in the idyllic Derbyshire countryside town of Belper. Owner and artist Andy Bowler opened Monki Do in 2004 and it has grown over the past nearly nine years, and we now have three other artists working along side Andy, Mark Gibson, Steve Jarvis and Jen Akinyemi. We also have a second studio, Monki 2 which is our walk-in studio, and Mat Bowler is our current artist in residence there. 

As March draws to a close, it's been all go at Monki Do. As Andy broke up to go on paternity leave to patiently await the arrival of his first child, the lovely Mr Jason Birks picked up the slack doing a weeks guest spot. Doing some fantastic work, from a Japanese fighting cat for Alex, to a tattoo machine with cherry blossoms on our very own Steve Jarvis (who sat like a rock by all accounts) and a black and grey piece on the thigh of Mr Gibson. Although, it was a bit of a shame he was so busy that yet again he didn't get chance to take on the biscuit dunking challenge against Mark. Oh well, maybe next time. All of the artists have been producing their own brand of brilliant tattoo work this month. Andy's portrait of Burney the dog for Steve. Mark's pattern work around a Phil Hale piece he did last year on Dan. Steve's peony cover up for Claire. Jen's black and grey owl for Jake. 
March also heralded the re-opening of Monki 2 with the talented Mr Mat Bowler at the helm.

That's pretty much it for now Monki lovers.

Until next month, Sarah :) (Manager of Monki's!)



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